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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
“Lord, one more. Give me one more.” 

After lowering down 72 men from a 400 feet cliff, Private Desmond Doss turned back around. Feet worn, skins torn, he followed the sound of guns and ran into the distance. 73...74…75 men were saved by Private Doss. Desmond went to war without a gun, but his weapon of faith was more powerful than bullets. 

I want to tell stories that are more powerful than injustices in this world. 

The zeal for film carried me through NYU Tisch and brought me to a deeper desire to use film as the means for the sake of love. So here’s a bit about what I can do: 

Story always goes first: 
- I write about people
- I write from cross-cultural lenses (grew up in Shanghai and Taiwan. Studied in New York. Served as a lifeguard. Worked with Refugees camps at Lebanon.)
- I write in both Chinese and English
- I care about meanings and bigger values 

Directing the Camera:
- Director’s vision first above my own opinions
- I excel in creative problem solving under time constrain 
- I’m experienced in both film and digital camera
- Key shots before coverage. (High quality decisions) 
- I’m well versed in lighting

- I edit to create, not just piecing stuff together  
- I speak sound and music  
- Coloring is my language 

As a young filmmaker, I learn the value of humility. It’s only when I’m willing to humble myself and not be too proud to learn, that I’m able to go far in life. 

“Lord, one more. Give me one more.”

Software Proficiency:• Adobe Premier • DaVinci Resolve • AVID • Final Cut Pro X • iMovie • Adobe photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Indesign • Microsoft Office • ProTools
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